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Estate Planning

Legacy Planning with living benefits is a fundamental component of any Estate Plan. This essential item helps retain access to loved ones, preserves dignity, and protects those left behind.

The legal side of estate planning is like a moat that protects our castle from invasion by the probate process and “the knights of the courthouse”. The attacks are coming from the “seven tribes of risk”- mortality, morbidity, taxes, inflation, market risk, sequence of returns risk, and longevity; the greatest of which is longevity, as it increases the likelihood
of each pr
eceding risk to occur.

Settling an estate may not be a fairy tale by any stretch but think of all the stories and lore around this topic. People have been affected by this transition for thousands of years, and today’s world creates complexities and challenges to your riches that are scarier than raiding hordes. The biggest threat to your legacy is within you...more specifically your health. Sounds like a crazy plot line, right? Consider the expense of poor health, in-home care, convalescence, long term care, memory care, and the financial impact on surviving spouses and children. These challenges can empty the family coffers at record rates.

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